The Brahmaputra Degree College situated in the north eastern corner of Dhakuakhana Sub-Division in the District of Lakhimpur, Assam. was established by the enthusiastic education indigenous public on the auspicious day of August 5, 1993 at Bakulguri to cater to the needs of higher education among the distended inhabitants in the riverine area covering Sisimukh to Selamukh on the northern bank of the might Brahmaputra river this college had been ran completely with public donation and tireless efforts of the elevated well wishers of this vast Kherkata area. This College able to fulfill the long felt want of a higher education institution among the 25,000 population in this area.

The Dibrugarh University authority accorded permission and affiliation on to the Brahmaputra Degree College for its great Contribution to the field of higher education lye awarding graduation to the endeavoring children of the poor and distressed parents as weal as public of this locality Moreover, the infrastructures of this College is weal planned and Constructed beautifully by the grant of a Considerable amount from the UGC after fulfill all conditions for the norms of 2 (f) and 12(B) laid ley the University grant Commission authority Now, this collage is able to overcome all challenges and solved all shortages of infrastructures, library building, Hostel facilities etc. This college has been rendering services sincerely since its inception stages and on the most auspicious day of 14th August, 2013 in the history of this college The honorable education minister of Govt. of Assam declared Provincialisation of the existing posts of this college. For this all staff as well as the well wishers of this college thanks the govt. of Assam hundred folds.

The Brahmaputra Degree College offer Arts Programme only. The 3(three) year (Six Semester) B.A Programme covering three calendar year. The College offers 7(seven) faculties and there are faculties to study major in 4(four) subjects.

The road Communication to the Brahmaputra Degree College with a distance of 6. ½ km to the east western dimension from Dhakuakhana town is not much development. Cow pared to the condition of the few years ago it can be considered enough well this days. The entire ecology of the college surroundings are villa and riverine rural area.